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Tai Ailing beaten by boyfriend after aggresive quarrel?

Posted by danseurella on February 4, 2009


戴爱玲夜店酒后口角 ��男友动粗痛��





她昨在发廊做新造型,唱片公司同事说:“这2天她还很开心和造型师到处买衣服,看不出异状,也没有所谓伤势。 ”


news source: ifensi.com

Powerful voice singer Tai Ailing and 2-year boyfriend Chris were witnessed quarreling and pulling one another on the street. They were witnessed having an  aggressive argument outside Van Fan’s nightclub, ‘Low Profile’. Both of them seemed to have had a number of drinks that night. After a hot quarrel and some pulling, she seemed to have been pushed and was crying on the ground. When her friend helped her up and wanted to send her home, someone asked, ‘What to do now? She is too frightened to go home’. However, Chris continued talking on his phone outside the nightclub. Despite the witnesses, she only admitted to the ‘small disagreement and pulling’ but denied being bitten or pushed.

On middle of the night of 31st Jan, Tai Ailing had a gathering at ‘Low Profile’ with a group of friends. Witnesses provided that close to daybreak, they first heard some noises which sounded like people pushing and pulling on another, then they heard a lady’s scream. When many customers went to check out the condition, they discovered that the lady who seemed to have been pushed by her boyfriend and was crying was Tai Ailing. Some even whispered that a celebrity was beaten up. Ailing’s friend immediately helped her up and sent her home.

Yesterday when the reporter asked about this incident, she commented, ‘I did have a few too many drinks on that day and had a disagreement with my boyfriend. However, it was not as exaggerated as being beaten up.’ She only admitted to have ‘some pullings’ and was obviously holding back and being conservative.

Friend commented that ever since the start of her relationship with Chris, she has been the dominating one and he often lives in her house too. However last year they had a heated argument outside the record company and she was pushed and crying in public. Until a few days ago’s disagreement at the nightclub, she has been in a pitiable bullied role. Her friend found it unbelievable. The friend also said that most of their friends do not approve of her relationship with Chris. However, she can’t bear to part with him and still speaks up for him in front of her friends regularly.

She was settling her new image at the salon earlier and her colleagues at the record company said, ‘These few days she still went around happily buying new clothes with the stylist. She seemed normal and had no signs of being hurt.

According to information, her relationship with her boyfriend has been one always filled with arguments, patching up soon after their arguments. On the other hand, ‘Low Profile’s’ crew said that after eating in the club with her boyfriend, they went outside to talk over things. He did not know what happened after that.

translated: danseurella (jin)


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