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Joe Chen’s sudden loss of weight, MingDow is balding?

Posted by danseurella on February 5, 2009


陈乔恩恶性减肥瘦8斤 明道陷入秃发危机





陈乔恩恶性减肥瘦8斤 明道陷入秃发危机



news from: ifensi.com

Joe Chen is flying to France in March for a photoshoot for her new book. Afraid that her face will swell easily, she lost weight actively recently and has lost 4kg in 3 months, maintaining her weight at 46kg now. Yesterday when she attended Jungiery’s event, her face has slimmed down to melon seed shaped. However, she admitted to using an unhealthy method, ‘Drink a cup of black coffee early in the morning. This way, you willl have little appetite for breakfast and lunch, and not eating after 6PM.’ As for her junior, Ming Dow, he was discovered that his hairline has risen. He immediately corrected that he is not facing a balding crisis.

While filming ‘Fated To Love You’, 165cm Joe’s weight increased to 50kg. Now, she is risking her health to lose weight. She said, ‘Drinking coffee in the morning will cause a loss of appetite all the way till noon. This may cause gastric problems for most people and need gastric medicine. However I have a very strong gastric? I don’t even take dinner. When I am tired, I just sleep.’

After finishing filming ‘Guarding Sunlight Guarding You’, she returned to Taiwan to celebrate new year and brought her Australian boyfriend Michael to dinner with her parents. She said, ‘My mother gets along very well with him. They even drink red wine together. Usually they speak chinese. However if my mother had a few too many, she will start speaking in English.’

On the other hand, her fellow idol , Ming Dow, was happily attending the event but photo was taken of his suspiciously rising hairline. He denied, ‘No? My hair has always been like this. It is only shorter.’

During new year, Ming Dow has finished filming for the show but stayed in China instead of returning to Taiwan. He said, ‘I gave red packets to my parents beforehand but as I have been busy for too long and need a break. I wanted to have a solo holiday and drive alone to ShanXi (China province) to see the Buddha(I think it is some famous Buddha statue). However readers exposed that he seemed to have a girlfriend there and even said that the girl will pick him up in a speedy car. Yesterday, he denied saying, ‘How could it be? I don’t have a girlfriend.’ To prove that he is alone, he showed the picture taken in front of the Buddha. He said, ‘If I had a girlfriend, why would I take the photo alone?

translated: danseurella

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