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Rainie Yang denies being on bad terms with Jiro Wang, rather have scandals with him.

Posted by danseurella on February 9, 2009


“可爱教主”杨丞琳近期转行半熟路线,昨日以“小Deep V”裙示人。 <!–br>




  新浪娱乐讯 最近忙于拍摄台剧《爱就宅一起》的杨丞琳(Rainie),前日(2009年2月7日)专程到港10小时出席签唱会,行程紧密。她称与汪东城没不和,扬言宁与对方传绯闻。

  杨丞琳以“小Deep V”短裙会歌迷,现场歌迷也不逊色,有男歌迷反串女装以Rainie的“爆炸长发造型”打气。Rainie自曝签唱会是她主动争取的,因一直视香港为第二个家,问到何时在港举行演唱会?她说:“我都好期待!”将于6月便25岁的她笑道:“是不是不像25岁呢?我Baby Face嘛!”


source: sina – article by LiLi


Rainie Yang Cheng Lin who has been busy filming ‘ToGetHer’ specially flew to Hong Kong for 10 hours for her song and signature event. Her schedule was extremely packed. She denies being on bad terms with Jiro Wang and commented that she rather have rumors with the latter.

Rainie met her fans with a High cut deep V short dress. Her fans were not too far off either. A male fan dressed up as a woman with Rainie’s ‘blown-up long hair’ style in ‘Miss No Good’ to show his support for her. Rainie commented herself that the song and signature event was suggested by her, as she has always seen Hong Kong as her second home. When asked when she will hold a concert in Hong Kong, she replied, ‘I am looking forward to it too!’ Rainie who is turning 25 in June said laughingly, ‘I don’t look like 25 right? Because I have Baby Face!’

When mentioned about the numerous rumors about her discord with her partner in her new show, Jiro Wang Dong Cheng (Da Dong), she said helplessly, ‘We never had a discord. Nowadays, it’s either a scandal or a discord. Actually I am good friends with Jiro, just that I didn’t say it. We even went Karaoke together during New Year! Do I rather be said to have a scandal or discord? Of course scandal! It is not good to be misunderstood by others because of the discord rumor.’ Valentine’s Day is coming. She still plans to ask Jiro and the crew to watch the first viewing of the new drama.

translated: danseurella

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