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Lee Wei was secretly criticised by ex-girlfriend, commented that he does not talk bad during breakups

Posted by danseurella on February 13, 2009





  中新網2月12日電 李威前女友陳怡蓉和黃嘉千日前上沈春華節目談到前男友,暗指自己是「鬼遮眼」,昨天李威出席台視偶像劇「協奏曲」時回應:「我跟以前的女友分手後還能做朋友,不出惡言,要往前看。」暗喻戀人分手後要有雅量。

  據台灣《聯合報》報導,李威昨與吳佩慈、阿Ben出席「協奏曲」情人節粉絲下午茶活動,由於李威前女友陳怡蓉9日與黃嘉千上「沈春華life show」談到昔日戀情,陳怡蓉自評「鬼遮眼」,似影射她與李威的昔日戀情。昨李威對此回應:「我跟分手女友向來還能做朋友,覺得以前的戀情都很棒,每個人的看法都不同,不會多想。」



source: sina


Lee Wei’s ex-girlfriend Tammy Chen Yi Rong attended Shen Chun Hua’s Show with Phoebe Huang Jia Qian earlier and mentioned her ex-boyfriend, hinting that she was ‘blinded by love’ at that time. When Lee Wei attended an event for ‘The Concerto’, he replied, ‘I can be friends after breaking up with my ex-girlfriends. I don’t say anything bad and will look towards the future.’ hinting that after couples break up they must be magninamous.

According to Taiwan’s newspaper’s report, Lee Wei attended “‘The Concerto’ Valentine’s Day tea with fans” with Pace Wu Pei Ci and Ben Bai Ji Sheng (from ex taiwanese boyband B.A.D.) on 11th. Lee Wei’s ex-girlfriend Tammy Chen talked about her past relationships when on ‘Shen Chun Hua Live Show’ with Phoebe Huang on the 9th, criticising herself for being ‘blinded by love’ and seemed to be reflecting her past relationship with Lee Wei. Yesterday (11th), Lee Wei replied to this, ‘I have always been able to remain friends with my ex-girlfriends. I feel that all my past relationships were marvellous. Everyone has different opinions. I will not think too much.’

He still revealed that the biggest present he received for this year’s New Year was the wedding invitation of his first girlfriend. However he was mocked by Pace Wu, ‘She did not want to reminisce about the past with you. She wanted to earn your red packet!’

Pace Wu’s relationship with her boyfriend is currently steady. She said that she has never thought of having a boyfriend in the entertainment industry, ‘Because there are many rumors in the entertainment circle and it causes great pressure.’

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