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Kelly Chan: I am 3 months pregnant!

Posted by danseurella on February 13, 2009




source: sina – aritcle by jzb


‘I am already 3 months pregnant!’ announced Kelly Chan Wai Lam when attending an event by a product which she is the spokesperson for. Ever since her marriage, Kelly was rumored to be pregnant for numeral times, however non was confirmed. When she is really pregnant this time, she chose to announce this openly to the media.

Ever since Kelly’s marriage, everyone’s focus has been on her marriage life. When she will have a baby has also become the spotlight of all. Actually Kelly has long planned to have babies and even hopes to have a pair of twins of a boy and a girl. For this, she rejected total of more than 30 touring concerts in China mainland and Korea and suffered a loss of estimation tens of millions.

At the event, Kelly who has always been unwilling to reveal her personal life, announced to everyone that she is 3 months pregnant, against her past style. When the media ask if he is a boy or a girl, she replied that she still did not know as she did not go for ultrascan B. She also said that she will decrease her workload gradually and stay at home to take care of the pregnancy.


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