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Ex-lovers Jennifer Hong and Yao Yuan Hao acts as strangers

Posted by danseurella on February 15, 2009

http://www.sina.com.cn  2009年02月14日13:56  新浪娱乐


洪小铃 (Jennifer Hong Xiao Ling)<!–br>洪小铃拒和旧情人合照田��千绘情人节工作忙

田中千绘 (Tanaka Chie)


白歆惠 (Bianca Bai Xin Hui)


姚元浩.(How Yao Yuan Hao)

  新浪娱乐讯 名模洪小铃和昔日恋人姚元浩昨天(13日)在台北参加“壹圆时尚梦、爱心依旧久”的慈善派对,2人都声称事前不知对方会出席,洪小铃还撂狠话说:“他又不是我前男友,没什么好触景伤情的!”



  昨天出席的还有凯渥名模白歆惠、林若亚,以及日籍女性田中千绘等。田中千绘穿着Gucci春夏新装亮相,并戴上伯爵的手表和珠宝撑场,她说今年情人节还是得工作,没有任何过节计划。  (王杰/图并文)

source: sina


Yesterday(13th), when famous model Jennifer Hong Xiao Ling and ex-lover Yao Yuan Hao (How) attended ‘Fulfilling fashion dreams, Kindness is still long-existing’ charity party in Taipei, both claimed that they were not aware that the other party will be attending before hand. Jennifer Hong even said unmercifully, ‘He is not my ex-boyfriend. There is no unhappy memories to be provoked from seeing him!’

How Yao and Jennifer Hong had a scandal when filming a drama in mainland (China) in 2006. At that time, How Yao just broke up with Sonia Sui Tang. Unexpectantly, their relationship ended in just 3 months and How Yao patched up with Sonia Sui after that. Jennifer Hong battled him by asking him to be careful not to allow Sonia Sui to hurt him again and caused much discussion.

The organisation in charge asked How Yao to present yesterday. Jennifer Hong only cared about chatting with Jocelyn Wang Yi Ren off-stage. did not spare him a single glance and also refused to take a photograph with him. The two of them acted like strangers. Sonia Sui was not present but said with poise, ‘The current market is bad. We should be grateful as long as producers are willing to hire us.’

Also present yesterday were famous models from CATWALK Bianca Bai Xin Hui, Novia Lin Ruo Ya and Japanese lady Tanaka Chie etc. Tanaka Chie was dressed in Gucci’s new Spring and Summer edition with watch and jewelery from a famous brand. She said that she still have to work during this year’s Valentine’s Day, so she did not have any plans for the festival.




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