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Christine Fan does not want to get married yet. Blacklack’s love is increasing by the day.

Posted by danseurella on February 21, 2009




  中新网2月20日电 范玮琪(范范)最近萌生“不婚”念头,主要是她快受不了大家老是说她很想结婚:“是怎样,我有这么想嫁吗!”男友黑人(陈建州)冷静回应:“真的不用结,也可以。”他私下透露,范范自从看了电影“他其实没那么喜欢你”后,就跟他嚷着不想结婚了。

  据台湾《联合报》报道,范范昨天进棚录Channel V“模范棒棒堂”,在化妆间梳头时拿着酒瓶,里头是鲜红色的液体,被取笑疑似酗酒。她笑着打开瓶盖给记者闻:“是黑妈给我的山竹果汁啦,可以养生。”




source: sina


Recently, Christine Fan Wei Qi starts to have thoughts of not marrying. The main reason is that she can almost no longer bear with everyone saying that she wants to get married very much, ‘What is it? Did I really want it that much!’ Her boyfriend Blacklack (Chen Chien-Chou) replied calmly, ‘We can really not get married. It’s alright.’ He privately revealed that ever since watching the movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’, she’s been complaining to him that she doesn’t want to get married.

Acording Taiwan’s ‘Lian He Newspaper’, yesterday(19th) Fan Fan entered Channel V to record for ‘Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang (BBT)’. While styling her hair in the dressing room, she was holding a wine bottle filled with a red fluid, and was teased to have looked like she was overdosing on alcohol. She smilingly opened the cap to allow reporter to take a sniff, ‘It’s mangosteen’s juice from Blacklack’s mother. It can replenish the body.’

Fan Fan and Blacklack have been in a relationship for many years. Blacklack’s mother have long treated her as a daughter-in-law. However, at the mention of marriage, Fan Fan frowned, as no matter whether she released and album, opened a concert or hosted a program, the media’s focus will be on her marriage date, ‘It seems like my other efforts were not recognised. Furthermore, after finishing asking for the marriage date, they will start asking about when I will have a kid, after which will they be asking about my divorce date?’

Not only in relationship, Fan Fan has been hosting BBT for 3 years and once reached a stage of uncertainty. She kept doubting herself, ‘Why don’t I just keep my attention on singing?’ Her good friends ASOS have thoroughly different ways of comforting her. Da S, ‘Come, I will accompany you for a little drink!’ Xiao S on the other hand straightforwardly said, ‘If you are not happy doing it, just quit!’ Actually her biggest boost came from the boys in BBT. They will practise the dances very hard for two weeks for a one and a half minute screening. Their passion aided Fan Fan to retrieve her passion for hosting too.

As for is it that Blacklack is not as into Fan Fan as imagined, causing Fan Fan to not want to get married? Blacklack immediately cleared the doubts for himself, ‘No, I love her to death. And it is increasing everyday.’

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