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Jam Hsiao: Share Your Love!

Posted by danseurella on February 25, 2009


萧敬腾走上舞台 <!–br>点击此处查看全部娱乐图片</b–>





  新浪娱乐讯 2月23日,艺人萧敬腾化身爱心大使,出席创世台东植物人赡养院的活动。


Source: sina/tungstar


Artiste Jam Hsiao Jing Teng (Xiao Jìng Téng) became charity ambassador and attended activity organised by Chuang Shi Tai Dong Hospice for Human Vegetables.

After hearing about the stories of human vegetables, Jam expressed his wish to show concern for the human vegetables, and designed ‘Sharing Love Bear Family’ and ‘Sharing Love Valentine’s Card’. After which, he sang ‘For. Loved One.’ for the patients. He also encourage the community to ‘express their love’. Towards the end, the various charity organisations came together to break the ice sculptures, symbolising the break of the winter of recession.

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