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100% Senorita Ep.23 (Eng Subs)

Posted by danseurella on March 11, 2009

Status: uploaded

Sorry for the lack of information and updates for a whole 9 days! My house’s internet connection has been rebelling big time! LOL. So I didn’t finish subbing ep23 because I couldn’t upload it anyway. There I am with a bit of luck with my connection today so I am updating. I have to pause to study and take a online quiz later so I will try to finish timing the rest of about 20mins of my video and hardsub it. Will probably be able to upload when they come to fix and stabilise my connection tomorrow. Anyway, I will keep my promise to upload 2 eps during 14-22 term break! So look out for more! Thanks again for the support (:

Updated: 11.03.08 Wednesday, 1537


Uploaded them!

I understand that for this episode my subtitles are a little too small and my logo a little too outstanding. They are a mistake on my part as I tried new fonts and different fonts have different sizings which I did not manage to try out very well. Anyway, enjoy!


12032009, Thursday, 2118



Updated: Friday, 13032009, 2159

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