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2009 Lakorns Preview…

Posted by danseurella on March 17, 2009

Some exciting shows to look forward to in 2009.

I will start with this lakorn version first since I’ve been getting myself more updated with lakorns news compared to Taiwanese dramas, Chinese dramas, Singaporean dramas etc…

    (AFF Taksaorn, AUM Atichart, PLOY Chermarn, TAH Warit)
    Genre: Romance
    Short Summary: Bo (Aff) married her brother’s friend Tao (Tah) out of gratitude. After moving to America, she realises that her husband is a gay and she had to live in the same house as him and his boyfriend. She decided to return to Thailand and got a job in Pe’s (Aum) company. The two of them inevitably fall in love.
    Pe met a man Sathorn who helped him from an attack. Sathorn seeing that Pe is very wealthy, introduced his daughter Nian (Ploy) to work in Pe’s company and seduce him. Pe was uninterested in Nian causing Nian to be jealous and hope to win him over
    Nian flattered everyone close to Pe and made them assume that she is his girlfriend. She obstructed Bo and Pe’s contacts. Bo was happy when she got pregnant with Pe but thought that Pe was sick of her due to Nian’s obstructions. She left for Hawaii.
    Pe thought that Bo no longer loves him, thus he let her leave…
    Full summary: http://wasashimi.blogspot.com/
    Forum Discussion: http://www.sarnworld.com/discuzz/index.php?showtopic=27533&st=0&start=0
    Airing: Channel 3, After Prajan See Roong (According to Aff) unknown On Air!  Wed-Thu: 2030-2200
    English Subtitles: wishboniko
    (VICKY Sunisa, BOY Pakorn, ACE Vorarit, BOW Benjamin, )
    Genre: Slap-and-Kiss, Revenge, Comedy
    Short summary: Kaew (Boy) is a fisherman who loves his wife and daughter very much. One day, his wife left him. Kaew is very angry and came across Tuangporn (Vicky) – whom looks exactly like his wife, Wan (Vicky) – at her wedding. He thought that Wan left him for another man. Out of rage, he kidnapped and tortured her. No matter how she explained, he refused to believe that she is not his wife.
    Full summary: http://nextlakorns.blogspot.com/2008/12/fai-rak-arsoon.html
    Forum discussion: http://www.sarnworld.com/discuzz/index.php?showtopic=28264&st=340
    Airing: Channel 3, unknown  On Air (Fri-Sun: 2030-2200, GMT +7) 
    English subtitles: wishboniko @ youtube
    (AFF Taksaorn, BIE Sukrit, ACE Vorarit, NOON Boonyasak)

    Genre: Romance
    Little is known of the content yet. In his high school days, Tawan (Bie) had a crush on a rich girl PlyFah (Aff). However, the girl did not know/care about it. Tawan grows up to be a superstar. Due to circumstances at home, PlyFah works as Tawan’s assistant. In an accident, Tawan lost his memory. His mother who left him at a young age came back knowing that Tawan is rich. She told him untrue tales and made him treat everyone else except for her, his enemies. (Unconfirmed)
    Forum discussion: http://www.sarnworld.com/discuzz/index.php?showtopic=29651
    Airing: Channel 3On Air  (Wed – Thur: 2030-2200 according to Thai time [GMT +7]) Completed
    English Subtitles: GumBieFansubs @ youtube
    (KRIT Chakrit, CHERRY Khemupsorn, JOB Nithi, JANE Jensuda)
    Genre: Romance/Comedy/Slap-Kiss
    This one sounds interesting. It is inspired by Jam Loey Rak and Tang Parn Kammathep: Nim (Cherry) and Kapom (Job) are an on-screen couple. Everyone, including Nim wants them to be together in real life.
    However, Kapom has a girlfriend named Pak-kard (Jane). He could not stand Nim creating chaos to his love life and threatening to ruin his wedding. He asked his brother, Mek (Krit), to kidnap Nim till his wedding is over.
    Mek helps his brother by disguising himself Harit from Jam Loey Rak and kidnapped Nim to a private island, acting as in TV lakorn…
    Full Summary: http://nextlakorns.blogspot.com/2008/12/jamloey-kammathep.html
    Forum discussion: http://www.sarnworld.com/discuzz/index.php?showtopic=30488&hl=kammathep
    Airing: Channel 3, unknown On Air! Mon-Tue: 2030-2200
    (ANN Thongprasorn, KRIT Chakrit)

    Genre: Romance/Comedy
    I heard that it’s the Nang’ek (Ann) who’s the sadist, not the Pra’ek (Krit). Something about Nang’ek finding out that her ‘best’ friend had an affair with her dead husband causing her to have trust issues when she met Pra’ek (Krit). Sorry, as it just caught my attention, I may need to update myself on it. LOL. Ann seems to be caught in difficult roles. This one looks hot! Well I got myself slightly updated by watching and laughing hard over all those bloopers Anonymousblue2001 subbed. This one is a fun one and both Chakrit and Anne had a great time filming it. Chakrit is acting as a business man and owner of hotel while Anne acts as a pretty and energetic police woman named Lalin. A situation forced them to be married and they fought through obstacles. Let’s wait for our Thai Mr and Mrs Smith!
    Forum discussion: http://www.sarnworld.com/discuzz/index.php?showtopic=26861&st=960
    Airing: Channel 3, unknown 20 April (Mon-Tue 2030-2200 – according to Thai time {GMT +7}) Completed
    English subtitles: Anonymousblue2001 @ youtube

Video credits to: kartoonthai @ youtube

Part 1:

Not very clear images.
3:07 – Namtan Mai (Aff & Aum A.)
6:33 – Fai Ruk Arsoon (Boy Pakorn & Vicky)
Sapai Glai Peun Tiang (Ann T. & Krit)
8:32 – Prajan See Roong (Aff & Bie)

Part 2:

6:28 – Jam Loey Kammathep (Cherry & Krit)

Subbed short interviews at Ch.3 Anniversary preview.
Subbed by wishboniko
Including Namtan Mai, Fai Ruk Arsoon, Jam Loey Kammathep

Chai and Vicky are so cute! lol.

2 Responses to “2009 Lakorns Preview…”

  1. van said

    can’t wait for namtan mai to air. Love aff and aum hope someone will sub this movie and thank to all of their hard work for subbing the previous movie keep up the wonderful work!!!

  2. denise said

    hi im waiting for love fire of the beast (fai ruk arsoon) and jam loey kammathap cupids defendent to come out hope its soon thanks

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