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100% Senorita Ep 25 (Eng Subs) – updated 27032009

Posted by danseurella on March 27, 2009

Status: uploaded!

Sorry for the long delay again. I shouldn’t be making any more promises of additional episodes b’cos I have no guarantee of keeping my promises anymore. Had 3 tests and a competition this week so I failed you guys again. Really sorry for not living up to your expectations. But I’ll still try my best to do as much as possible now because I really want to concentrate on my studies from April on. Hoping to finish the project as soon as possible. 15 more episodes to go!


27032009, 1823





2 Responses to “100% Senorita Ep 25 (Eng Subs) – updated 27032009”

  1. Isma said

    thanks for subbing this drama and take your time since this project was dropped by many teams already, fans can still wait..don’t pressure yourself.Studies come first,ok?! ^_^

  2. zyehs said

    don’t be sorry.. we are thankful enough for you subbing the drama… concentrate on your studies more then after that you can concentrate on this… thanks once again… 🙂

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