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Star Awards 2008 – Nominees

Posted by danseurella on March 29, 2009

Star Awards 2008 is on 26th and I’m very disappointed with a certain media corporation for being SOOOO biased towards The Little Nyonya. I mean I know it’s a good script but they went overbroad with their nomination list. Should have just moved TLN to 2009.

Anyway, I’m doing my own preferences and predictions list today. I didn’t watch many of the dramas so I’m sort of not accurate.
purplewinner in my eyes, runner-up winner in my eyes
redexpected winner, runner-up expected winner


Best Actor Award:
Adrian Pang – Nanny Daddy
Chen Han Wei – By My Side
Huang Wen Yong – Just In Singapore
Pierre Png – The Little Nyonya
Qi Yuwu – The Little Nyonya
Tay Ping Hui – The Golden Path

Best Actress Award:
Chen Li Ping – Just In Singapore
Chen Li Ping – The Golden Path
Fann Wong The Defining Moment
Felicia Chin – The Golden Path
Jeanette Aw – The Little Nyonya
Joanne Peh – The Little Nyonya

Best Supporting Actor:
Chew Chor Meng – The Golden Path
Dai Yang Tian – The Little Nyonya
Darren Lim – The Little Nyonya
Yao Wen Long – The Little Nyonya
Zzen Zhang The Little Nyonya
Zhu Houren – The Defining Moment

Best Supporting Actress:
Eelyn Kok – The Little Nyonya
Li Yin Zhu – The Little Nyonya
Lin Mei Jiao – The Little Nyonya
Ng Hui – The Little Nyonya
Xiang Yun – The Little Nyonya
Cai Pei Xuan – The Golden Path

Best Newcomer:
Andie Chen
Dai Yang Tian
Jerry Yeo
Koh Yah Hwee
Paige Chua
Zhang Zhen Huan

Best Young Talent:
Hu Kang Le – La Femme
Chen Yu Xuan – The Little Nyonya
Huang Xin Yi – Love Blossom 2
Peng Xiu Xuan – Just In Singapore
Lin Yong Yi – Perfect Cut
Lin Jia An – By Your Side

Best Drama:
By Your Side
Just In Singapore
Love Blossom 1
Perfect Cut
The Golden Path
The Little Nyonya

Best Drama Theme Song:
Like  A Swallow/Olivia Ong The Little Nyonya
Roof/Yi Xun – Just In Singapore
Illusional Sound/Daren Tan – Crime Buster x2
I Know I’ve Become Prettier/Sing Shi – Perfect Cut
Path/Milo Ice – The Golden Path
Love Blossom/Love Blossom 2 – Cavin Soh


Variety Programs

Best Variety Show Host:
Christopher Lee – Life Transformers
Quan Yi Fong – Life Transformers
Kym Ng – Buzzing Cashiers
Lee Teng – On The Beat 3
Marcus Chin – Living The Golden Age 2008
Guo Liang – Celebritea Break

Best Infomative Program Host:
Belinda Lee – Find Me A Singaporean 2
Belinda Lee – Come Dance With Me
Cai Li Lian – Food Good Days
Dasmond Koh – Tourism Insiders
Guo Liang – Breaking Barriers Unblocking Potentials
Lin Pei Fen – So Simple

Best Variety Show:
Buzzing Cashiers
Celebritea Break
King Of Thrift 2
Life Transformers
Star Chef 2

Best Informative Program:
Come Dance With Me
Food Hometown
My World My Blog
Rites and Rituals 2
Tuesday Report: Line Of Life And Death
Tuesday Report: Sky After SARS

Best Variety Special:
S-POP Hurray! Music Gala
Star Awards: 25th Drama Anniversary Show
Star Search 2007 Finals
Superband Finals
The Anniversary Gala 2008
The Sichuan Earthquake Charity Show
( I refuse to predict for these because they’re all mediacorp’s promotional kind of programs which I’m not interested in.



Best News Broadcaster:
Lim Chi Yuan
Ng Siew Leng
Tung Soo Hua
Wang Zheng
Henlen Zhang Hai Jie
Zhao Wen Bei

Top 10 Popular Actors:
1. Chen Shu Cheng
2. Zhang Yao Dong
3. Tay Ping Hui
4. Zhu Hou Ren
5. Zheng Ge Ping
6. Qi Yuwu
7. Marcus Chin
8. Pierre Png
9. Pornsak
10. Henry Thia
11. Mark Lee
12. Adrian Pang
13. Gurmit Singh
14. Chen Han Wei
15. Elvin Ng
16. Guo Liang
17. Christopher Lee
18. Bryan Wong
19. Richard Low
20. Huang Wen Yong

Top 10 Popular Actresses:
1. Patricia Mok
2. Ivy Lee
3. Hong Hui Fang
4. Dawn Yeoh
5. Yvonne Lim
6. Felicia Chin
7. Michelle Chia
8. Jeanette Aw
9. Michelle Chong
10. Quan Yi Feng
11. Pan Ling Ling
12. Kym Ng
13. Rui En
14. Lin Mei Jiao
15. Jin Yin Ji
16. Fiona Xie
17. Joanne Peh
18. Xiang Yun
19. Jesseca Liu
20. Vivian Lai

Star Awards 2008 airing 26 April 2009, Sunday, 7PM.

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