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Anita Mui’s Mother’s HKD800,000 Touring Fee Application Rejected

Posted by danseurella on April 3, 2009

Anita Mui Yim-Fong’s (Mei Yan Fang) mother Tan Mei Jin, self-proclaimed to have spent much energy settling Anita’s inheritance after Anita Mui passed away, and felt extremely exhausted. Therefore, she applied to withdraw HKD 800,000 for herself, the employees, nurses and kins to tour the world as a mean of destressing. However, her application was rejected by Superior Court. At the same time, she was requested to pay the legal fees.

The judge expressed that touring is not an immediate essential. In addition, the funds of the inheritance are tight and the HKD120,000 living expenses transferred to her monthly are already generous. If she is thrifty, she’ll be able to proceed with shorter distance tours. As a result, her application was rejected.

Anita Mui wrote a will a month before her passing away in 2003 to set up a trust fund of 100million. However, for the past five years, Anita’s mother, Tan Mei Jin, has been having doubts over Anita’s mental conditions at the time of which the will was written, and vowed to retrieve her daughter’s inheritance. Nonetheless, Superior Court proclaimed her charge failed.

Anita’s mother has applied for an increase in living expenses many times, from HKD70,000 in 2004 to current’s HKD120,000. However, in interviews, she insisted to have only HKD100,000 with is insufficient for her expenses.

Source: sina.com/Jin Tian Du Shi Bao (Yu Yu)

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