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Ariel Lin enlightened after the operation, no longer against lingerie commercials.

Posted by danseurella on April 10, 2009


According to Hong Kong’s media’s reports, Ariel Lin Yi Chen (Lam Yi San) has always been troubled by edema. However, after successfully removing the cyst in her hypophysis (?), she’s no longer troubled by her figure, and regenerated her confidence. Ariel claimed that the operation caused her to be enlightened and started to try new things and experiences. Her manager even said jokingly that she’s no longer objecting lingerie commercials.

Yesterday, Ariel Lin and Joseph (Joe) Cehng Yuan Chang (Zheng Yuan Chang/Xiao Zong) attended the YSL Spring and Summer Collection Publication in Taiwan. Both of them received a grand total of TWD 1mil worth of pay and sponsorship. Ariel dressed up in the brand’s new collection and approximately 12cm high heels. She whom was afraid while walking had to have Xiao Zong help her, causing her to joke, ‘I feel like a dowager empress on tour.’

Ariel revealed that she’s been keeping the operation from Xiao Zong and only called to inform Xiao Zong of her conditions days after the operation. Ariel also claimed that the operation caused her to be enlightened and learned to try different and new experiences and things. Hearing so, her manager teased that she’s not even against lingerie commercials now.

source: sina – LiLi

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