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Steven Ma’s late night celebration for Linda Chung’s birthday!

Posted by danseurella on April 14, 2009

Sunny Chan Kam Hung, Linda Chung, Steven Ma

Steven Ma and Linda Chung have been busy filming TVB series ‘Pu Song Ling’. Coincidentally, last week was Linda Chung’s birthday. As they had to film overnight on that day, Linda wanted to keep it low profile and had no plans to celebrate. Nonetheless, her good friend Steven Ma still decided to give her a surprise. Near to midnight, he suddenly retrieved a cake, causing Linda to be very touched and pulled Steven to cut the cake together in celebration. Steven Ma told the reporter that he admires Linda Chung a lot and treats her like a godsister, ‘Linda and I have worked together several times. I watch her grew up, her acting is also improving. What’s more valuable is that her nature has never changed over the years. She’s innocent as ever.’ Steven Ma also wishes Linda to have a all-round development in movies, dramas and singing. ‘She definitely has the potential to become a new generation’s sweetheart.’

Source: sina

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