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9-year-old ‘Dragon Girl’ to meet father at last?

Posted by danseurella on April 16, 2009



According to Hong Kong media’s report, Elaine Wu Qi Li met up with good friend Sandra Ng Kwan Yu (Wu Jun Ru), entrusting her to pass on words to Jackie Chan (Cheng Long), hoping to arrange her daughter Wu Zhuo Lin to reunite with him in order to make up for her daughter’s lack of father’s company for 9 years.

Ever since migrating to Shanghai in 2001, Elaine Wu and daughter have been living in a more than 10 million worth villa. Zhuo Lin has always been enrolled into exclusive schools with annual school fees costing more than RMB100,000. Despite living with no worries, in the blinking of an eye, Zhuo Lin is already 9 years old. She who’s getting more understanding, rarely inquired about her father for fear of her mother being unhappy. An insider said, ‘The reason Elaine arranged for Zhuo Lin to study in an international school is that she doesn’t want her daughter’s special status to affect her relationship with her classmates. Due to Jackie being too famous causing even foreign classmates to know Zhuo Lin’s father’s identity, they frequently made use of  ‘Jackie’ to tease her, resulting in her being unhappy. As her mother, Elaine  of course feels sad for her.’

According to what’s known, in order to prevent affecting the growing process of the child, Elaine Wu has never allowed Zhuo Lin to meet Jackie Chan. However, recently she consulted a child specialest and confirmed that Zhuo Lin already has the ability to cope with meeting her father. In the beginning of the month, Elaine Wu silently returned to Hong Kong with her daughter and had an appointment with long term friends Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Margie Tsang Wah Sin (Zeng Hua Qian) for tea in hope of testing Jackie Chan’s attitude via a third person. ‘For her daughter, she (Elaine) hope to test if Jackie hopes to meet his daughter via Sandra’s circle. No matter to fulfill Zhuo Lin’s wish or to allow him a chance to do his duties as a father. However, Elaine may not be present then.’ said an insider. However, Sandra Ng refused to reply when inquire about this issue by reporter, ‘I do not wish to comment on these things.’

Zhuo Lin not only looks identical to Jackie Chan when he was young, big nose, round face and small eyes, but also inherited Jackie’s performance talents. During the tea, Zhuo Lin who’s full of the desre to perform seemed to treat the dining table as a stage, sometimes using the chopstick to act as a conductor, sometimes moving her arms and legs in performance of Tai Chi, and even suddenly pretended to be feeling miserable, spectacular to the audience. According to knowledge, Zhuo Lin joined the drama society and choral in school, was often praised by teachers and even won several school events.

For so many years, the issue of ‘Little Dragon (Long)’ has always been a taboo. However, while receiving an interview in mainland earlier, Jackie attitude has obviously changed and sounded full of helplessness, ‘Everyone makes mistakes. If I take the responsibility, I’ll hurt this side. If I refuse to take responsibilities, I’ll hurt that side. I can only take the responsibilities for one side.” Despite emphasising that he’ll not take the initiative to meet Zhuo Lin, when asked what he’ll do if his daughter wishes to meet him, Jackie Chan admitted that he’ll do his duties as a father, ‘Let nature takes its place. If she hopes to meet, just meet!’ From Jackie’s attitude, it’s not impossible for Zhuo Lin to fulfill her wish to meet her father.

However, in question to whether the illegatimate child is allowed a share in the inheritance, professional lawyer Huang Guo Tong said, ‘If the father doesn’t leave anything to this child in his will, of course there’ll be nothing, because even biological children can be voided.’ In order to draw a clean line with Elaine Wu and answer to his family, Jackie Chan once publicly announced writing a will, to donate half of his properties to ‘Jackie Chan Charity Fund’. The remaining half will be evenly split between his wife Joan Lin Feng Jiao and son Jaycee Fang Zu Ming.


In the blinking of an eye, ‘Little Dragon Girl’ is already 9 years old. From 1999 when Elaine Wu self-revealed to be carrying Jackie Chan’s child in an interview till Jackie’s later claim of being schemed and making ‘the mistake that every man alive will make’, the truths and false and grudges have dissipated after 10 years.

1998 Nov: Rumor goes that Jackie chan invited Elaine Wu to participate in ‘Jackie Chan Cup’ car race. On that day, he said that ‘he’ll take whoever’s disfigured as his mistress’. In the end, Elaine Wu was injured in the competition and Jackie was exceptionally concerned for her. For then, the scandals about the two of them have been spreading.

1999 Feb: Media photographed Jackie Chan driving Elaine Wu’s car and sending her home. Elaine Wu even attended Jackie’s New Year Film ‘Gorgeous’ airing ceremony with no fear for scandals.

1999 Oct: Elaine Wu was filmed to be pregnant out of the wedlock. When receiving an interview later, she nodded admitting that the father of her child is Jackie chan who’s been rumored with her.

1999 Nov: Jackie Chan returned to Hong Kong on the 1st of Nov, admitted to causing trouble due to greed for fun and even quoted Stanley Ho Hung San (He Hong Shen) well-known phrase, referring to himself as ‘loose but not lowly’, and described himself with ‘making a mistake every man alive will make’.

1999 Nov: 19th Nov, ‘Little Dragon Girl’ Wu Zhuo Lin was born.

2000 Mar: Magazine revealed to have received reader’s call and recording tape, in which the females voices are identical to Elaine Wu, Lam Kin Meng (Lin Jian Ming) and Veronica Yip’s (Ye Yu Qing). Its content hinted that someone offered several thousands requesting Elaine to get rid of her foetus.

2001 Dec: Rumored that Elaine Wu bought a luxurious house in Shanghai and migrated to Shanghai with ‘Little Dragon Girl’.

2002 Feb: Reports said Jackie Chan has altered his will to give the total of his more than 1 billion worth of properties all to Joan Lin Feng Jiao.

2004 Jun: While speaking about why he totally ignored ‘Little Dragon Girl’ who’s 4 and a half years old at that time, Jackie Chan expressed that her mother’s motive for being pregnant was wrong at that time.

2006 Aug: 7-year-old Zhuo Lin returned to Hong Kong and was remarked to resemble more and more like her father, with narrow eyes and big nose. However, Jackie Chan cleared that he’ll not meet ‘Little Dragon Girl’.

2009 Apr: Rumored that Elaine Wu returned to Hong Kong with ‘Little Dragon Girl’, hoping to get through via Jackie Chan’s close friends to allow ‘Little Dragon Girl’ to meet her father.

Source: sina – A-Wen



Sandra Ng was photographed by paparazzi while having tea with Margie Tsang and Elaine Wu earlier. Report said that due to ‘Little Dragon Girl’ Zhuo Lin being 9, Elaine Wu hoped for Sandra Ng to be the middleperson in order to allow ‘Little Dragon Girl’ to acknowledge Jackie Chan, to make up for the days her daughter spent without the company of her father. In response to this report, Sandra Ng replied to not feel angry but amused and ticked the report off for making something out of nothing.

According to Hong Kon ‘Ming Bao’ report, Sandra Ng had to host a radio station broadcast program the night before last. She said that she already felt amused to see herself as the cover page of the magazine. Nonetheless, she never expected that three pretty girls going for tea can become such a story. When asked if she’s angry, Sandra replied, ‘I’m not angry. I never thought they could make up something from nothing to such a large extent. Three ladies going for tea can be made into 4 essays anytime.’

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