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Da Bing admitted and apologized for drug-abuse, announced retreat for the entertainment circle.

Posted by danseurella on April 19, 2009

大炳承认吸毒当众道歉宣布退出演艺圈(图) 大炳承认吸毒当众道歉宣布退出演艺圈(图) 大炳承认吸毒当众道歉宣布退出演艺圈(图) 大炳承认吸毒当众道歉宣布退出演艺圈(图)
大炳承认吸毒当众道歉宣布退出演艺圈(图) 大炳承认吸毒当众道歉宣布退出演艺圈(图) 大炳承认吸毒当众道歉宣布退出演艺圈(图)

According taiwanese media’s report, taiwanese drug-consuming artiste Yu Bing XianB (Da Bing)  held a press conference on 18th Apr night, admitting to consuming drug, apologizing to the public and also announced temporary or permanent exit from the entertainment circle.

On 17th Apr, Da Bing was arrested for drug consumption. After being bailed, he held a press conference on the evening of the 18th at 17:30, cryingly announcing a need to retreat from the entertainment circle temorarily or permanently. He still pleaded the media to not follow him home as his family members are innocent. Following now, Da Bing plans to work in public relations related jobs or act in plays. When a reporter asked, ‘Will you repeat this offense again?’, Da Bing answered, ‘Even if I say I won’t now, will anyone believe?’

Da Bing explained that due to a car conflict, the middleperson mediating ‘Mr Huang’ asked him and another ‘Mr Wang’ to a motel (automobile hotel) to settle it. During the process, he slept for a short while and wasn’t sure where the Amphetamine cam from, neither was he sure who supplied it. He only caught the scent of second-hand drugs and couldn’t resist the temptation at that moment, thus sniffing Amphetamine. After which, Mr Wang left leaving him and Mr Huang. This was when the police came for inspection.

Many people asked his reason for consuming drugs again. Da Bing said, ‘Drug abusing cannot be stopped once it’s started. It’s in you heart.’ He heard from the Taipei Detention Centre and his police friends that someone spread the news that the supplier of drugs has been continually suppling him with drugs. These are all untrue. He did not continue consuming drugs all the while.

When inquired if it was a setup, Da Bing replied that he’s not certain. However, he’s clear that it’s wrong for himself to consume drugs again. After giving his statement at the police station and informed that he can be bailed with SGD 30,000, he didn’t have the face to call ‘Brother Yu Lin’, his personal manager.

Two years ago, Da Bing was arrested for abusing Amphetamine for the first time. When he was released after his enforced rehabilitation, he apologized crying. Last year, he was invited to be the anti-drug abuse ambassador. February this year, he got into a car accident while driving Xiao Bing (Yu Jun Xian) after drinking. Yesterday, he consumed drugs once again and faces imprisonment. His personal manager Shen Yu Lin commented, ‘I’ll still take care of Da Bing in private. However, our managing contract will be cancelled straightaway. There’s nothing to be said.’

As for his future plans, Da Bing said that he’ll tempararily or permanently retreat from the entertainment circle and may enter writing related or public relations related jobs in the future. As for his brother Xiao Bing, he currently has an anime job. He(Da Bing) hopes the media can stop following him and disrupting his family.

Source: sina – Zhao Da Zhi


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