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Da Bing advances via retreat, to work behind the scenes. Xiao Bing to be promoted.

Posted by danseurella on April 19, 2009

According taiwanese media’s report, Da Bing was arrested for the consuming Amphetamine for the second time and may face timed imprisonment under 3 years, triggering comments from the internet. Yesterday, he announced a ‘temporary or permanent’ exit from the entertainment circle and was judged by others as a ‘advancing via retreating’ strategy. His personal manager Shen Yu Lin frankly commented, ‘It’s very difficult for an artiste to make a comeback after making the mistake a secont time. Even if he does not retreat, he’ll be eliminated by the market.’ In the future, Shen Yu Lin will arrange for Da Bing to work in behind the scene jobs such as script-writer and lyricist, and instead promote Xiao Bing whom has a better image to film dramas and host activities to maintain their family income.

In response to Da Bing’s retreat from the entertainment circle, Shen Yu Lin feels that, ‘He has to retreat. This is the only way to answer to the public and society.’ Despite cancelling the contract before datedue, they’re still friends in private, ‘His script-writing and song-writing skills are both quite dominant. It’s not a bad choice for him to turn his focus and work behind the scenes to twist his image.’

After Da Bing retreats to behind the scene jobs, his monthly income will at most be TWD40,000 to 50,000, and will be unable to cover his family’s debts. Shen Yu Lin places his hopes on Xiao Bing, praising that Xiao Bing’s acting skills are quite good, ‘There’re already 2 dramas negotiating. The variety shows I produce will also invite Xiao Bing. With the addition of activities of different scales, he should be able to earn 100,000 monthly.’

However, Da Bing’s ex-personal manager Wang Wei Zhong does not agree, ‘A youngster shouldn’t make so many decisions. Everyone is depressed because viewers and people who like him hace once given him much concern and applause. However, depression does not mean despair.’ Others see Da Bing as advancing via retreating, ‘Don’t cooment on what methods he used to settle it first. I only suggest that sincerity is of highest importance.’

Formal classmates at The Hwa Kang School of Arts al support Da Bing. Aya (Liu Han Ya) said, ‘He must rid himself of the drug addiction. As a friend, I’ll still support him.’ Pace Wu Pei Ci laments, ‘The him I knew since young is highly-talented. It’s just that he has used his talent at the wrong place. No matter what, I still hope that he’ll live well.’ Xiao S (Dee Hsu Hsi Ti) on the other hand says, ‘No matter if he’s staying or retreating temporarily, I sincerely wish that he’ll get better.’

Hu Gua and Ding Rou An whom have undergone enforced rehabilitation due to marijuana commented while attending an activity yesterday,  ‘Everyone makes mistakes. We are all adults and no longer children. One must take responsibility for what one have done.’ When inquired if he’ll allow Da Bing to attend his program, Hu Gua said, ‘Everyone is welcomed to be on the program.’

Source: sina – Apple


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