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ASOS in Beijing with their laughter-intriguing speeches for endorsement for home-living market

Posted by danseurella on April 21, 2009


Taiwanese sibling artistes Barbie Hsu Hsi Yuan (Da S Xu Xi Yuan) and Dee Hsu Hsi Ti (Xiao S Xu Xi Di) appeared in Beijing to endorse a certain a home-living market(?), attracting hundreds of customers, causing the entire supermarket to submerged in an uproar of laughter, satisfying the entreprise well. Before this, ASOS has never been involved in the endorsement of any home-living products, setting the lead for home-living stores to have image spokespersons.

During the entire activity, Xiao S did not neglect her spicy joking ability, at times teasing the host, at times eagerly promoting her endorsement product as a spokesperson, and even added ‘gifts’ for those involved in the charity auction. The representatives from the entreprise and medias present were all liven up with laughter at Xiao S’s words and movements. Laughter was present throughout the activity,

Xiao S even used Beijing accent to advertise for the entreprise, ‘What’s the matter? Filmed me this prettily! All because they did it in an environmentally way!’ Da S attended with a dreamy white dress while Xiao S in a lively blue mini dress. The sisters matched one another well in their speeches as auctioneers in the charity auction. Every time when a high price is offered, Xiao S will tell the people involved in the auction, ‘It’s too caring! I want to give you a hug!’


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