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Archive for May, 2009


Posted by danseurella on May 25, 2009

I finished Ep 30.3 – 30.5 during these few days when I was lucky enough to switch on my computer. However, when I reached home 20 minutes earlier, I couldn’t switch it on again! Oh my…

Anyway, no worries people, I do promise to complete this though it’s more of a matter of time availability and my computer’s cooperation rather than my determination. I’ll try to update whenever I can.

Thanks so much for the support and waiting for so long (:

PS: Frenchsha, I’ll sub that for you when I can get my computer to start (: But I may not be subbing the entire clip because they’re talking too much and fast 😛 though I’ll definitely sub the Penny Lin related parts. 🙂


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It’s going to be a long wait. Sorry!

Posted by danseurella on May 8, 2009

I’m so sorry, it’ll be a long wait. I realised that it’s been a week and I’m nowhere advancing with my computer. My mum haven’t even got the technician to fix it ‘cos my sister says she’ll get her friend to fix it. Hmm apparently no progress yet.

It’s been a crazy week for me. All my tests and extra lessons coming up during June holidays. I totally flopped my term 1 tests and my parents probably have to meet the teacher =X gosh…

Hope you’ve found something to occupy yourselves? Check my recommendations for ideas?

Thanks as always.


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My Computer Broke Down!!!!

Posted by danseurella on May 1, 2009

I have totally no idea how it happened. I arrived home one afternoon and realise it couldn’t be switched on! Oh my gosh… ALL my subbing files and school files are inside and I didn’t back anything up! I should have done something when my instinct had been telling me to back up my files just a couple weeks before it broke down! Gosh… I’m just praying hard that youtube, youku and tudou won’t delete my upload completed files so I can download them and keep them safe again. For goodness sake, I’m praying hard hard hard that they’d be able to retrieve my files. Gosh…

Completely idealess as to how long before I can sub again. For one I’ll have to get that stupid computer fixed. Then I’ll have to download everything back! I feel like cursing… I was almost done with EP 30 and now it’s GONE!!!!! All my hardwork and time!!!!!! I’m so so so sorry! I have no idea why my stupid computer breaks down all the time!!! I mean it has to be LESS than a year since I fixed it! I’m currently using my other computer with a portable cable for internet access but I can’t sub cos ALL my files are gone.

Gosh… so sorry for the long and endless wait ahead. I promise promise promise to restart as soon as possible.

PS: Thanks Frenchsha, your frequent comments really cheers me and motivates me. It’s studies that’s been consuming my time. I’ve been failing my recent tests and I need to restrain myself. I have no desire to fail my ‘A’ Levels examination and end up without a university 😛 Don’t feel bad. It’s my pleasure to have an audience. Well if I need your help I’ll be sure to mention it! (: no worries. And thanks to all others for leaving messages.

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