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Frenchsha’s request

Posted by danseurella on June 7, 2009

1:21 Narrator: Lin You wei and Hou Teng Xi Mei Zi’s ambiguous relationship in the drama also led to speculations by the public.
1:26 Narrator: However, under the continual filming of “Spicy Teacher’ due to its popularity, Lin You Wei and Penny Lin sealed their love with this film. Are these awkward interactions in the drama the cause of their abandon of awkwardness and beginning of their mutual attraction?
1:36 Penny: Carry on… carry on.
1:54 (I like this size)
1:58 Narrator: With the end of ‘Spicy Teacher’, photographs of Penny Lin and Ambrose Hsu’s kissing in the car were exposed, announcing the end of once envying ‘Double Lin Love’.
2:05 Narrator: Both parties held seperate press conferences to announce express their pity for the relationship.
2:09 You Wei: I once told Penny that if you wish to leave me one day, you just have to tell me that you don’t love me anymore. Frankly speaking, I have no reason or rights to make you stay.
2:21 You Wei: I want to tell her that you really used the wrong method. Using this way to inform me about this result is truly a little cruel to me.
2:29 Penny: With regards to ending my 2-year relationship with You Wei like this, I really feel extremely sorry.

There, at least I got what I promised (:
Sorry for the inconvenience and the looonggggg wait =X

3 Responses to “Frenchsha’s request”

  1. frenchsha said

    Gosh, so because of them having been together in the same drama, she really had developed relationship with this guy? And replacing him with Ambrose? Why haven’t she developed feelings towards Wallace too?
    Jeez, I’m starting to hate her right now BUT i still love her and Wallace. Guess Love really is blind. Hahaha! Thank you by the way for subbing this one. I wished I had never asked you to do that.
    I read it over and over again and it’s like killing me. She ended her 2 year relationship that easy? And even now she left Ambrose, right?
    Thank you so much for subbing this one and I guess I would just stick to 100% Senorita if I really want to love Penny more. Gosh, she’s so mean.
    Thank you again! Maraming Salamat Po! (Thank you so much!) =D

  2. danseurella said

    lol you’re welcomed (:
    Oh I actually spelt your name wrongly…i’ll edit it (:

  3. frenchsha said

    Hais. Thank you for editing my name.. hahaha
    well thank you so much for translating it. I’ll be waiting for 100% senorita. =D

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