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Viewers bombarded Dee Hsu changing for the worse, taking advantage of male celebrities.

Posted by danseurella on June 9, 2009


Recently, Dee Hsu Hsi Ti’s (Xiao S Xu Xi Di) taking advantage of male celebrities has turned for the worse. Other than sniffing their armpits, pinning them on sofas and teasing them, she even requested for them to show her their hair, resulting in extreme opinions. Supporters love this attitude of hers, ‘She’s not hosting in Da Ai(meaning: Love all) Channel, while some internet users criticised, ‘Dare she let her mother-in-law, husband or daughters see this?’

According to Lian He Newspaper’s report, Xiao S’s high limits have become an insigna for ‘Kang Xi Lai Le’. Whenever a popular male celebrity sits in for the show, viewers love to await her attacks, how she teased them. The effects were stunning. After returning to the screen after her marriage, due to being a married lady,  she’s forced to restrain her habit of liking to pinch male celebs’ nipples. Recently, she’s switched to physical contact. Previously, she pinned Mark Zhao You Ting (MaBo) to the sofa and even caressed Godfrey Tsao (Gao Yi Xiang), restraintlessly stating that she’s highly aroused.

Internet user fhyta expressed her thoughts that, repeating these tricks over and over again. Doesn’t she have more? I wonder if Xiao S allows her own children to watch the programme. If she doesn’t, why corrupt others’ children? Oplm on the other hand said, despite the possibility that it’s for the effect on the programme, she’s married. It doesn’t look good. Xiao S left Taiwan yesterday to shoot a commercial. Her manager Joan responded, ‘She did it solely for the effect of it on the programme. Her husband never minded while her mother-in-law is a loyal fan of  ‘Kang Xi’ and love to watch it even more as a result. She very virtuous off show.’

I’m for Xiao S. It’s all for the effect of the programme and laughs. (:
Well she’s a pretty girl too. If the male celebs and her family are not complaining, then well who are we to speak supposedly for them? (:
What we see on-screen may not be who the celebs are off-screen so we shouldn’t be judging them based solely on their on-screen behaviour. (:

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