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New Project On Viikii

Posted by danseurella on June 10, 2009

I’m currently subbing another project on viikii.net since I can’t hardsub 100% Senorita with my computer down.

Title: Top on the Forbidden City (Zi Jin Zhi Dian)
Cast: Gino TSAI & JR from Taiwanese boyband K-One, Joanne ZENG (Qiao Qiao) of Taiwanese girlband Sweety, Sam WANG from Taiwanese boyband 5566
Broadcasted: 2004
Genre: Dance, Romance
Episodes: 27
Audio: Mandarin
Subtitles: English (Incomplete)

Some currently on air dramas recommended personally:


Title: Rainbow Moon (Prajan See Roong)
Cast: AFF Taksaorn, BIE Sukrit, ACE Vorarit, AOF Pongpat, MAM Jintara
Airring slot: Wed-Thurs, 2030-2200 (GMT +7), Channel 3
Genre: Romance, Family
Audio: Thai
Subtitles: English (Incomplete)


Title: Easy Fortune Happy Life (Fu Qi You An Kang)
Cast: Blue LAN, Joe CHEN, Jocelyn WANG, Roy QIU
Airring slot: Sun, 2200-2330 (GMT +8)
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Audio: Mandarin
Subtitles: English
Synopsis: Eng Subbed Preview

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