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Viann Leung calls Pace Wu a third party!

Posted by danseurella on July 11, 2009


This is Viann. She’s a famous roadshow host in Hong Kong.

Pace Wu Pei Ci and Viann Leung Hui En started a verbal match fighting over a boyfriend. Pace who was in Beijing yesterday said Viann Leung’s consecutive revealings stabilised her relationship with her boyfriend Peter. Receiving an interview in Hong Kong yesterday, Viann retaliated agitated and directly accused Pace Wu of being a third party and that Peter and her are still in contact.

Earlier, Viann self-revealed that ex-boyfriend Peter still takes the initiative to look for her and corrected that he’s not a wealthy man but an employee. However, Pace who was in Beijing immediately retaliated that after their broke up, Peter hasn’t been contacting Viann, and felt injustice for her boyfriend. She claimed that Viann’s revealings to the media only stabilised her relationship with Peter.

Viann agitatedly said, ‘I find this matter irritating, there’s no end to it! I was together with Peter for such a long time. How can we not have any ties left? Some of his letters which he hasn’t had the time to edit the address are still being sent to me!’ She frankly said she felt wronged, ‘I was with Peter for more than 6 years and even got engaged. It’s Miss Wu whom entered as a third party. The reason I didn’t tell this in the past is that I don’t wish to worsen our ties, be merciful. Peter two-timed for an entire year. Besides, Miss Wu knew my existence all along!’

Viann still hinted that someone’s trying to seek promotion, ‘Why didn’t anyone know of his identity even though we were together for so long, while when she got together with Peter, everyone knows it? I emphasise that I’m not wishing for the ill-being. Bless them get married if they want and have children as they wish.’ She expressed that this matter has hurt her family deeply, ‘My entire family used to dote on Peter a lot. This is my last time answering. My boyfriend will be unhappy. There’s no need to engage in a verbal match for this man.’

First thing when I saw the photo, why are they fighting over this guy? Second that the photo didn’t put Viann Leung in good light.

Personally I read several articles about this entire thing about Pace, Viann and Peter. It seemed like Viann’s always revealing something about the boyfriend. She has to learn to answer neutrally if she REALLY doesn’t care and wish to stop this. Apparently she’s just giving more news. Leave your past relationship however it started, went, and ended in the past and MOVE ON please. Apparently if she hasn’t provided so much publicity with all the things she said, maybe not everyone would have known of Peter’s true identity after all. I, for once, only knew of her this week, so if truth be told, she probably gained the most promotion from this thing. Well, after all I’m not a Hong Konger, so pardon my ignorance. Lady, no need to get so agitated. Chill. (:

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