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Bosco Wong admits touring Okinawa with Myolie Wu

Posted by danseurella on August 19, 2009


According to Hong Kong media’s reports, Bosco Wong (Huang Zong Ze 黄宗泽) and Myolie Wu’s (Hu Xing Er 胡杏儿) relationship has been on and off for some time. Recently, reports point out that while filming ‘Growing Through Life’ (摘星之旅), Bosco had something going on with  actress from the same drama, Toby Leung (Liang Jing Qi 梁靖琪), angering Myolie. To make her happy, Bosco brought her on a ‘patch-up journey’ to Okinawa Island. While attending Miss Hong Kong Pagaent activity yesterday, Bosco admitted to visiting Okinawa Island with Myolie but denied it to be a ‘time for 2’, that there are others with them.

There are only the two of them in the photograph?
They are not professional photographers and thus did not include the rest in the photograph. (??)

As for the scandal between him and Toby due to filming a drama together, Bosco’s used to it. ‘I predict a continuity to it. Where do the news come from otherwise? Filming ‘Growing Through Life’ seems to link me with everyone. Before this they had me rumoured with Chinese actress Zhao Zi Qi. It may be due to the dominance of ‘Burning Flame: Season 3′ (烈火雄心3) and the resultant frequent discussions of Kevin Cheng and Wang Xi and thus decided to include me.’

Has Myolie asked about your scandal?
No. I predicted this development of storyline.

When asked if trip to Okinawa Island is one for honeymoon or patching-up:
It’s one for shopping. Actually we said hello to Hong-Konger whenever we meet one once we got off the airplane. However, I never expected someone to hand secretly taken photographs to the media.

When are you going to be open with your relationship?
Be open with overseas trips? Next time. Next time I’ll promote it before I go.

What’s your relationship with Myolie?
Very good friends.

Which party is unwilling to admit to the relationship?
No such thing. All in all, I’ll definitely inform everyone when I get married. Rest assure.

How long has it been since your last trip with Myolie?
We’ve never tried going on a trip. We’ve been seperated for a long time due to being overseas for work.

This must have boosted your relationship a lot.
Our friendship has always been good.

When mentioned that Myolie is prettier than this batch of 10 Miss Hong Kong pagaent participants, Bosco said, ‘They are pretty in their own ways. Every girl has her personal exterior and internal beauty.


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