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Cyndi doesn’t think Jiro is interested in her

Posted by danseurella on October 7, 2009

Momo Love Cast

Momo Love Cast

Jiro, Calvin, Jing, Ken, Cyndi, Gaby, Sphinx, Godfrey

Jiro, Calvin, Jing, Ken, Cyndi, Gaby, Sphinx, Godfrey

Media speculates a possible crush by Jiro Wang Dong Cheng (Da Dong – Fahrenheit) on his partner in upcoming idol drama ‘Momo Love’ (Tao Hua Xiao Mei), Cyndi Wang Xin Ling.

In an interview while promoting in Taipei for anime ‘Inuyasha: the finale’, she responds, ‘I don’t think he feels for me! If even he does, it’s during work.’

When asked about Jiro Wang and Ken Zhu Xiao Tian (F4), her partners in the drama, Cyndi feels that they’re both the ‘chatty’ type. They have common topics and fun to speak with. Ken is especially easy-going and seems knowledgeable and caring.

Cyndi’s new drama includes many handsome idols such as Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen (Fahrenheit), Gaby Lan, Sphinx Ding Chun Cheng, causing envy from her personal manager and female colleagues (I’m envious too!).

Who is Cyndi’s type?
Cyndi says she has no idea to the type of man she prefers as her taste is always changing. However, the basics are such that he has to be fillial and knowledgeable.

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