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  • Weekly Top Actress (Thai)

  • Ann Thongprasom

    Soot Saneha
    33 years old
    163cm, 45kg
  • Weekly Top Actor (Thai)

  • Ken Theeradej

    Soot Saneha
    31 years old
    180cm, 75kg
  • Andrew Gregson

    Mongkut Saeng Jan
    31 years old
  • Weekly Top Actress (Taiwanese)

  • Ady An

    Autumn's Concerto
    29 years old
    165cm, 43kg
  • Weekly Top Actor (Taiwanese)

  • Vanness Wu

    Autumn's Concerto
    31 years old
    180cm, 72kg


Project Status:

ONE. Go On The Stage 《舞动奇迹》
Total no. of episodes: 23
Status: 00/23
Cast: Hong Jia Ling, Zhang Da Yong, Fang Zi Xuan, David Chen
Audio: Mandarin
Subtitles: English
Genre: Ballet, Dance, Romantic

TWO. Top On The Forbidden City 《紫禁之巅》(Viikii)
Total no. of episodes: 27
Status: 21/27
Cast: Gino Tsai, JR, Joanne Zeng
Audio: Mandarin
Subtitles: English
Genre: Dance, Romantic


ONE. 100% Senorita 《千金百分百》(From Ep15 onwards)
Total no. of episodes: 40 
Cast: Wallace Huo, Joe Chen, Penny Lin, Deric Wan, Jason Hsu
Audio: Mandarin
Subtitles: English
Genre: Romantic


Username: danseurella
Nickname: jin
Age: 18
Nation: Singapore
Occupation: Student
Contact: drama.tidbits@gmail.com

Favourite Celebrities:
Joyce Zhao Hong Qiao (Xiao Qiao), Wu Ying Jie (Gui Gui), Xia Yu Qiao (Qiao Qiao)
Jam Hsiao Jing Teng, Gino Tsai, Show Luo Zhi Xiang (Xiao Zhu)
Hong Kong:
Gigi Lai Chi
Moses Chan Ho
Aff‘ Taksaorn Paksukcharoen, ‘Namfon’ Patcharin, ‘Vicky’ Sunisa Jett, ‘Chai’ Chattayodom

Looking Foward To:
Taiwanese: Extravagant Challenge
Thai: Khun Nu Shantana (Donut M + Tye), Wanida (Aff Taksaorn + Tik Jesadaporn) – casting

Favourite On-Screen Couples:
Taiwanese: Arron + GuiGui
Thai: Aff + Aum
Hong Kong: Bernice + Moses

4 Responses to “Info”

  1. Nee said

    Hi. Thanks for picking up the subbing for 100% Senorita. I greatly appreciate it. I was wondering if I could get the soft subs and translate it into Thai?

  2. danseurella said

    I have the subs in .ssa format and the untimed ones in notepad form. I can email them to you if you want (:

  3. Leslie said

    hi, also email me the .ssa subs for 100% señorita. really would appreciate it. i already have the raw files. so it would be easier to download the soft subs. if you have soft subs starting from epsode 1 till 40. thank you!!!

    – No I don’t have the subs from ep 1 onwards. I only start subbing from ep 15. -jin

  4. Leslie said

    could you email me the soft subs of the one you have done? 15 onwards…pls? i just watched 1-14 raw. hehe but i am not that fluent in mandarin, though I understood the story, i didn’t understand every detail they said.

    – Sure but the computer with my subbings files is not working so may take some time. Why don’t you watch on youtube or something instead first? -jin

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