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Archive for the ‘Celebrity Couples & Gossips/ 明星八卦’ Category

Daddy Jimmy

Posted by danseurella on October 11, 2009

Jimmy & model girlfriend Kelly Chen

Jimmy & model girlfriend Kelly Chen

Rumours of Jimmy Lin (Lin Zhiying) becoming a daddy has been a hot topic on the net. Jimmy’s personal manager responded to this rumour on the company’s sina blog for the first time yesterday. Jimmy has indeed become a father. Fans can rest assure.

Despite the many posts and photograhs posted on net,  the rumour has never been confirmed or denied by Jimmy and company. Yesterday, Jimmy’s personal manager Ge-jie wrote a blog entry on this issur, titled ‘Love and be loved is what enriches our life‘. Despite not providing an outrightly answer in her entry, she discreetly confirmed the trueness of this rumour:
‘Initially we wanted to include some surprises and touching moments in the concert and share this with you. If it had not been revealed via the net but in a warm atmosphere, I believe all of you will feel touched.
Should allow Ying’s fans to rest assure.’

Nonetheless, Ge-jie expressed her concerns that the overconcerns for this issue has caused disruptions to Jimmy and his team.
‘During this time, in terms of works, Jimmy and all work teams are still working hard for the concert… it’s been almost 6months. Society and Ying’s fans have been concerned about Jimmy’s relationship. Media’s pursues for answers exposing entries and photographs from netizens has interrupted with our workschemes.’

Ge-jie thanked fans’ concerns on behalf of Jimmy and hope everyone can give him more personal space.
‘Because of your support, he’s always been the diamond on stage… however, beneath the glam, he hopes to live a real and ordinary life…’



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Charmaine: Not a third hand in Kevin-Niki

Posted by danseurella on October 9, 2009

Charmaine Sheh (She Shi Man) claims both parties are single before she started dating Kevin Cheng (Zheng Jia Ying). They weren’t able to stay together due to differences in personalities.

2 years ago, presently 34-year-old Charmaine Sheh was rumoured to break into Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow’s (Zhou Li Qi) 5 years long relationship. However, both parties are not willing to admit it in public. Recently, Charmaine is rumoured to be involved in 60-year-old billionaire with properties worth 5 billions.

In an interview, for the first time, Charmaine admits once in a relationship with Kevin Cheng, but their relationship come off well. As for Kevin’s charisma, Charmaine straightforwardly expresses it as his being a bachelor, indirectly denying being a third hand in ending ‘Cheng-Ki relationship’.

When asked if she won’t ever admit relationship with Kevin:
Put it like this. Whenever starting a relationship, one has to go through the stage of understanding and communication. I admit reaching this stage with Kevin but to no avail.

It may be our differences in personalities. We are more suited as friends. It may also be due to our work time, leaving us little chance to to meet and communicate.

He was single when I knew him. It’s not what everyone expected.

As for rumors on Charmaine being a third party, Charmaine doesn’t wish to defend herself.

Regarding the reprot of her being asked to get off the car by Kevin:, Charmaine finds it a joke:
What showed that he threw me out of the car? Getting on is always followed by getting off.

Charmaine claims she wishes to cry whenever she attends weddings, especially recently. She feels that love is more important than wealth and she’s already satisfied in her career. If she meets someone she likes, she’s willing to spend time. Charmaine also said that many thought she has high expectations. In fact, she’s willing to be proactive.

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Myolie denies buying furniture with Bosco

Posted by danseurella on October 8, 2009

Earlier Myolie Wu (Hu Xing Er) was caught on photograph shopping for furniture with rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong (Huang Zong Ze).

At the opening ceremony for brand Coach, Myolie Wu emphasises that they’re just good friends.
I happened to be free that day so my friend asked me to help take a look.

Only you?
We are good friends.

Buying a bigger marriage bed?
No, no such thing. I’m still young and put my emphasis on career. I’m close with his family too.

As for Bosco once saying he’ll buy and gift Myolie with a bottle of red wine from the same year she’s born when he goes to France:
What? No, I don’t know. It’s just a passing remark.

Has Bosco ever given her a handbag?

Has anyone given her an expensive handbag?
I don’t mind others giving me that but I won’t dare to keep it. It seems to require repayment.

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Marriage is a past-time for YoYo & Ekin

Posted by danseurella on October 8, 2009

Yesterday while on Amigo Cui’s (Cui Jian Bang) show as guest celebrity, Yoyo Mung (Meng Jia Hui) openly speaks about her boyfriend Ekin Cheng (Zheng Yi Jian). When mentioned Ekin’s earlier claim that he has no wish to wed yet, Yoyo admits that the two of them has reached understanding and will only get married when they’re free.

She said:
Yes, we’ll not be getting married for the time being. We’re both lazy and afraid of fuss. If anyone faxes a wedding certificate, we can sign and fax it back. Except that I haven’t bought a fax machine.

Yoyo says they’re both still working on their career. They’ll only consider getting married when they have free time.

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Angela Tong disbelieves Chin KaLok accompanied Lee Sansan

Posted by danseurella on October 8, 2009

While attending a quash event in Hong Kong with Vivien Yeo Siew Hui (Yang Xiu Hui), Angela Tong (Tang Ying Ying) expresses her disbelief in the rumours regarding her rumoured boyfriend Chin Ka Lok (Qian Jia Le) spending time with his ex, Lee Sansan (Li Shan Shan).

Angela is not good at racket sports, jokingly says that she’s better at directing the steering wheel instead. She expresses her ignorance for car racing.

You can ask Chin Ka Lok?
I’m not allowed to drive for the time being (due to drunk driving).

It’s said you’ve broken up with Ka Lok?
I was also wondering about the fast variation of news. Now I treat them as entertainment. Everyone’s having fun reading them.

As for Chin playing in the same room as his ex Lee, Angela expresses that she doesn’t know about it, neither does she believe that.

As for Vivien Yeo’s response towards her rumoured boyfriend Eric Suen’s (Sun Yao Wei) singing interrupted by his illness:
I knew before this that he’s having problems with his throat but I won’t be calling him. Let him rest well. He has many friends who care for him and doesn’t need me. He’s good at acting. We’ve worked together before.

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