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Momo Love Cast on Kang Xi Caps

Posted by danseurella on October 16, 2009

Momo Love Cast (Jiaying, Cynthia, Sphinx, Calvin, Gabe, Jing, Godfrey) on well-known Taiwanese variety show ‘Kang Xi Lai Le’ airred on 14 Oct. The topic wasn’t really related to the show. It’s on daughter’s boyfriends’ meeting mothers. Which is mum’s favourite type?

Some opening pictures. Judges include 10 mothers with daughters of marriageable age. Guests Li Jiaying and Cynthia Wang.

Who is Prince Charming?

Guys, not wearing socks does leave a bad impression for your gf’s mum.
Xiao S: Hips are a little over-wide.
Jiaying/Cynthia: Chest muscles are fine but mid-area looks meaty.

Sphinx Ding! (Love his specs)
Mum’s welfare time! Testing firmness of his mid-region and calf.

Choice of gift: skincare products.
Sphinx prepared wrinkles-remover for Xiao S too! (lol.) Reason: Xiao S is also a mummy. Are skincare products too sensitive and suggestive of age?
Do you like Sphinx more with or without specs? (still like his specs).


Who is next up?
Xiao S: Hips too lean.
Comparing Sphinx and his hips. So white pants does cause visual expansion.
JY: steep shoulders.

Fans of Fahrenheit, did you get this? Calvin Chen Yiru! With a 100% sunshine boy smile 😀 He’s my fav in Fahrenheit yet I didn’t get this right.
Mum Jinhua has heard of Calvin and Fahrenheit because her daughter likes Wu Chun and Jiro Wang, but not heard of Sphinx. Ouch.

Testing Calvin’s arms and Calvin promoting Fahrenheit travel photographs collection book.

What’s making Xiao S laugh so hard? Mum Liang Fuzhi!
Kelvin(male host): There’s a cute doll on Yang Fuzhi’s shirt. A glittering doll.
S: Did you sew it yourself?
Liang: No, it’s inbuilt.
Kelvin: It’s present originally?
Liang: It’s there originally.
S: Is it from the marketplace too?
Liang: It’s from the store department at the marketplace.

Who comes in stylist boots, battered jeans and sets competitive Sphinx off into a half-strip mode with his deep-V sweater?

 Gabe Lan! And his gift of flowers come with a photograph of him with his height, weight, number and address!
Mum likes him but not deep-V. Not formal enough.

Mum doesn’t want to see but wants to feel Gabe’s chest muscles!
Comparing two top Taiwanese male model’s built.

Who is this honest looking boy?

It’s Jing or Huang Jinglun. But where to touch such a skinny guy? Jing suggests… his throat? (he’s a singer) lol

Apparently he’s one BIG dreamer in this drama. He got to kiss Jiaying, pretty model Larisa and even Calvin Chen! While the others get none. (LOL silly boy gets all the good deal) In real life he’s an innocent boy, 26 and never been in a relationship. Present for mummy – pineapple tarts!

Who is this? Unshaved stubbers and too tall for the screen…

It’s Godfrey Kao! (My fav! and apparently Xiao S’s too lol) Welcomed with a big hug and swinging Dee in a typical drama’s romantic swing-about (i envy!)

Lucky mummy Jinhua gets a swing from two macho guys! Oh my… (i want!)

Godfrey brings heels for mum and Xiao S. Helps Dee put it on (so sweet gentleman), fits perfectly. Godfrey has good taste. Apparently he buys and helps his mum wear shoes when she’s shopping for shoes outside.
Dee shocks everyone with the way she says thanks. (lol!)

Pretending to fall down so that Godfrey can help her up but interrupted by nosy matchmaker’s(Chen Handian) aid.

Faking another sprain so Godfrey can carry her to ‘interview Jing’. Nosy Mr Matchmaker is not learning from lesson.
Nice Godfrey carries her over. Dee ends up telling Jing to go away and concluded with a 2 questions interview lol.

Sphinx refused to but ended up still comparing hip size with Godfrey on request.

Cute Sphinx shrugging after being commented on his white pants and hips size again.

Kevin: Do you think mothers disapprove most of not buttoning, not wearing socks or not shaving?
JY: It should be a wide hip.
Apparently Jiaying and Jing are a couple in the show and Sphinx shows extra care towards her but she’s more taken in by Godfrey.

Godfrey (on hosts request): Zhang Jinhua, my heart hurts for you. (over judging mothers sitting on cushionless benches)
Jinhua: It’s alright, I’m more fleshy.

Kelvin: Who will you choose to hug?
Cynthia: Gaby.
Gaby: Be more reluctant won’t you?
Cynthia: We are a couple in the drama. I’m not so familiar with the rest.
Kelvin/Dee: Who did you wish to be paired up with when you first got the script?
Cynthia: Sphinx!
Sphinx looks smug.
Dee: But he has a wide hip.
Cynthia: I will ban him from wearing white pants.
Kelvin(to Sphinx): So you will wear fit clothing here so we’ll apologize to you next time?
Sphinx: I will wear leggings here. (LOL! Sphinx like a kid.)
(I think Cynthia will make a smart couple with Sphinx)

Kelvin: How do you wish your first kiss to happen?
Jing: On a lightning night. Drenched in the rain.
Kelvin: What if Jinhua pushes you to hit the wall. ‘Bang!’ After which she kisses you? On a lightning night.
Jing: Can I call the police first?
That’s too rough. No, I tell her…
Dee: Jinhua, calm down.
Jing: Please calm down Jinhua. Please be gentler on me.

For the grand finale, why are both roles standing?

Privilege time! Mums, hug whomever you wish to most!

Still have no idea whether I’ll be watching Momo Love despite it having many people I like such as Cynthia, Godfrey, Calvin, Sphinx, Gaby, Jing… but I’m not really a fan of Cyndi and Jiro the main leads! How ironic…

This story is based on a manga named Momo Love. Essentially romance based. Jiro and Calvin are two guys fighting over a girl named Taohua (Cyndi) who has five brothers taking care of her, namely portrayed by Ken Zhu, Gaby, Sphinx, Godfrey, Jing in sequence of age.

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Xiao S endorse skin care product makeup-free

Posted by danseurella on July 1, 2009





Yesterday, Xiao S (Dee Hsu Hsi Ti, Xu Xi Di) appeared on Taipei’s street to endorse a skin care product. She, who is confident about her natural looks feel that she looks every prettier with makeup. What she’s slightly regretful about is that she pierced her eyebrow in the youth, resulting in her eyebrow looking ugly without cosmetics. Therefore, she encourage everyone to not have any piercings on the face.

Xiao S’s straightforward and natural personality allowed her to become the most popular female endorser. Other than her original 5 commercials, recently, she accepted the endorsement of skin care products. In the first half year alone, her income is approximately TWD 13 million. Yesterday, under the sweltering heat, she appeared in the east area of Taipei for an endorsement activity, to judge the ‘natural beauties’ together. Besides allowing the public to go forward to poke her skin to check if she applied powder, she also revealed, ‘Hubby says I look good with makeup, without makeup, I look every prettier. Because I’m too pretty without cosmetics at night, we have two kids.’

Xiao S is very confident with her makeup-free appearance. She admitted to piercing her right eyebrow in her youth resulting in her present regret. She said, ‘Now when I don’t makeup, my eyebrow will look broken. I encourage everyone to not pierce their facial features whenever they wish.’

I gotta admit she’s got preety good skin and looks quite cute and youthful without makeup. Unlike some artistes and some of the contestants.

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Viewers bombarded Dee Hsu changing for the worse, taking advantage of male celebrities.

Posted by danseurella on June 9, 2009


Recently, Dee Hsu Hsi Ti’s (Xiao S Xu Xi Di) taking advantage of male celebrities has turned for the worse. Other than sniffing their armpits, pinning them on sofas and teasing them, she even requested for them to show her their hair, resulting in extreme opinions. Supporters love this attitude of hers, ‘She’s not hosting in Da Ai(meaning: Love all) Channel, while some internet users criticised, ‘Dare she let her mother-in-law, husband or daughters see this?’

According to Lian He Newspaper’s report, Xiao S’s high limits have become an insigna for ‘Kang Xi Lai Le’. Whenever a popular male celebrity sits in for the show, viewers love to await her attacks, how she teased them. The effects were stunning. After returning to the screen after her marriage, due to being a married lady,  she’s forced to restrain her habit of liking to pinch male celebs’ nipples. Recently, she’s switched to physical contact. Previously, she pinned Mark Zhao You Ting (MaBo) to the sofa and even caressed Godfrey Tsao (Gao Yi Xiang), restraintlessly stating that she’s highly aroused.

Internet user fhyta expressed her thoughts that, repeating these tricks over and over again. Doesn’t she have more? I wonder if Xiao S allows her own children to watch the programme. If she doesn’t, why corrupt others’ children? Oplm on the other hand said, despite the possibility that it’s for the effect on the programme, she’s married. It doesn’t look good. Xiao S left Taiwan yesterday to shoot a commercial. Her manager Joan responded, ‘She did it solely for the effect of it on the programme. Her husband never minded while her mother-in-law is a loyal fan of  ‘Kang Xi’ and love to watch it even more as a result. She very virtuous off show.’

I’m for Xiao S. It’s all for the effect of the programme and laughs. (:
Well she’s a pretty girl too. If the male celebs and her family are not complaining, then well who are we to speak supposedly for them? (:
What we see on-screen may not be who the celebs are off-screen so we shouldn’t be judging them based solely on their on-screen behaviour. (:

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ASOS in Beijing with their laughter-intriguing speeches for endorsement for home-living market

Posted by danseurella on April 21, 2009


Taiwanese sibling artistes Barbie Hsu Hsi Yuan (Da S Xu Xi Yuan) and Dee Hsu Hsi Ti (Xiao S Xu Xi Di) appeared in Beijing to endorse a certain a home-living market(?), attracting hundreds of customers, causing the entire supermarket to submerged in an uproar of laughter, satisfying the entreprise well. Before this, ASOS has never been involved in the endorsement of any home-living products, setting the lead for home-living stores to have image spokespersons.

During the entire activity, Xiao S did not neglect her spicy joking ability, at times teasing the host, at times eagerly promoting her endorsement product as a spokesperson, and even added ‘gifts’ for those involved in the charity auction. The representatives from the entreprise and medias present were all liven up with laughter at Xiao S’s words and movements. Laughter was present throughout the activity,

Xiao S even used Beijing accent to advertise for the entreprise, ‘What’s the matter? Filmed me this prettily! All because they did it in an environmentally way!’ Da S attended with a dreamy white dress while Xiao S in a lively blue mini dress. The sisters matched one another well in their speeches as auctioneers in the charity auction. Every time when a high price is offered, Xiao S will tell the people involved in the auction, ‘It’s too caring! I want to give you a hug!’

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Dee Hsu’s endorsement product complained

Posted by danseurella on April 14, 2009

Green Tea endorsed by Xiao S complained

According to Taiwan’s media’s report, the green tea for which Xiao S (Dee Hsu Hsi Ti) is the spokesperson for was complained by consumer to contain shocking floating object. A webber complained in her blog that after buying this certain product, she discovered a large mess of floating object at the bottom and called the customer’s service hotline to complain about it. However, the producer’s response was silent. In response, Xiao S has expressed through her managing company that it will be fully handled by the producer,

Zhen Kou Wei (True Taste) Private Limited’s public relations manager Huang Man Xiang replied yesterday, ‘It may be a mistakeduring tranportation. We’ve already dealed with it immediately and very sorry for it.’

This brand of green tea was recently complained by blogger on Taiwan’s website accusing that, ‘After drinking, I had headache, throat discomfort and slight stomache. Only after peeping inside did I find a large mess of floating object underneath and felt totally disguested and nauseous immediately.’ After checking and realising that it’s not expired, she also posted a photograph on her personal blog for exidence but deleted it some time later.

To this, Huang Man Xiang expressed, ‘Consumer called to file a complaint on Sunday. This morning, we’ve already dealed with this hurriedly to show our utmost sincerity and offer her the reasonable compensations. We hope that consumers can have confidence in our products.’

Source: sina

Well considering the earlier case of China milk-containing products containing melamine which can cause kidney stones (?) and the recent case of Singapre’s indian rojak food poisoning which cost the lives of two and a miscarriage and many more minorly poisoned casualties, I hope producers and hawkers really talk extreme care in their handling of food and products and don’t treat something like this as a small and minor issue that can be settled with mere compensations because for all we know, the next object floating may be a rat or cockroach which may very well cost someone’s life. Importance is to step up on hygiene and examination. That’s the most reasonable and best compensation. (:

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