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Kang Xi Is Here 19032009 (Eng Subs) – Updated 23032009

Posted by danseurella on March 21, 2009

Topic: A New Generation Of Silver Couples (Part 1)
Hosts: Xiao S, Kevin Cai Kang Yong
Guests: Ji Qin & Zax Wang, Alex Tian En Pei(B.A.D.) & Sharon Xu Wei En

I have planned to sub this episode partly because  of the very touching love story between bridal model Sharon Xu and deceased boyfriend, lyricist Jacky Yang. Jacky is a very talented lyricist who wrote many songs for famous singers such as Faye Wong, Stefanie Sun, Christine Fan, Van Fan, Tanya and boyband B.A.D., including a number of my favourite songs such as ‘Carouset’ by Faye Wong and ‘I’m not sad’ by Stefanie Sun. The two of them (Sharon and Jacky) even starred in the MV of Carouset (Revolving Wood). He died of cancer in 2004 at the young age of 24.

But of course this is not the focus of the show. Kang Xi Is Here/Kang Xi Lai Le is well-known for its spicy questions and funny responses by Xiao S!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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Zax Wang and Ji Qin are married!

Posted by danseurella on February 16, 2009

http://www.sina.com.cn  2009年02月15日18:41  新浪娱乐




组图:王仁甫��芹办婚宴好友明道方文山送祝贺 组图:王仁甫��芹办婚宴好友明道方文山送祝贺 组图:王仁甫��芹办婚宴好友明道方文山送祝贺 组图:王仁甫��芹办婚宴好友明道方文山送祝贺

组图:王仁甫��芹办婚宴好友明道方文山送祝贺 组图:王仁甫��芹办婚宴好友明道方文山送祝贺 组图:王仁甫��芹办婚宴好友明道方文山送祝贺 组图:王仁甫��芹办婚宴好友明道方文山送祝贺



王仁甫季芹终成眷属 <!–br>点击此处查看全部娱乐图片</b–>




  新浪娱乐讯 08年12月底在关岛举办完婚礼的王仁甫季芹夫妇于昨(14日)天在台北补办婚礼,三立总经理张荣华做证婚人,王仁甫一对可爱的儿女在婚礼上抢尽风头。




  王仁甫下跪 季芹落泪



source: sina


Zax Wang Ren Fu and Ji Qin who finished their registration on Guam in December, 2008, made up for their wedding ceremony in Taipei yesterday (14th). Settv’s General Manager Zhang Rong Hua was the witness. Zax’s son and daughter got all the glam on the stage.

According to Taiwan’s ‘Apple Daily’, from 7 years ago’s dating, pre-marital pregnancy, registration out of the country till yesterday’s banquet, lovers Zax and Ji Qin are finally able to get together. Zax’s manager Sun De Rong has already given a red packet of TWD1.2million to congratulate this couple, and even invited Settv’s General Manager to be their witness. However, their daughter LeLe and son YaYa were the focus of attention yesterday. Even YaYa who is 7 months old had a suit to wear. However, bridesmaid Jessie Zhang Ben Yu escaped at the last minute and asked Alice to replace her. Bestman Zhang Shan Wei (A-wei) pushed the blame to the newly-wed couple, ‘We only know that we are to be the bridesmaids and bestmen from the newspaper. This couple is unreliable!’

LeLe did not seem to be able to understand the meaning of daddy and mummy ‘getting married’ very well. During the rehearsal yesterday, she said happily, ‘Adorable daddy, adorable mummy, I want a hug!’, making everyone laugh. YaYa looked extremely handsome in a tiny white suit, and even had Beckham’s hairstyle to attract everyone’s attention. Due to the fear that the two little ones will get all the spotlight, they were brought aside after two minutes.

The wedding was named as ‘Qin Ren(similar to Qing Ren which means Valentine or lovers) Wedding’. Zax Wang said to Ji Qin, ‘I am very happy to have met you in this lifetime. Why did I get married at such a young age? It is precisely to seize such a good woman. If I don’t marry her quickly, what if she marries someone else? Thank you for giving me a lifetime. You can no longer escape for the remaining lifetime.’ However Ji Qin jokingly suspects Zax, ‘Did you choose this day to get married so that you can buy the presents for Wedding anniversaries and Valentine’s Days together?’

Early yesterday morning at 10, Zax married Ji Qin on his knees. Ji Qin was once again moved to tears. Even the bestmen Huang Yi Da (Yida) and A-Wei were tearing. Ji Qin’s father wishes the couple, ‘I hope that they will respect one another, never abandon one another, live in harmony till old and spend a lifetime together.’ As for Ji Qin’s mother, she said happilym ‘There is a meaning behind such a long wait. I wish everyone a happy Valentine’s day. I will also have dinner with Ji Qin’s father every year on Valentine’s day.’

Yesterday, Ji Qin wore JULIA gown with design of a thousand Lilium Casa Blanca with a special corset, showing off her impressive figure. The sponsors supplied TWD16millions worth of jewelery, allow them to shine with glam. Bestmen Yida and A-Wei said that Zax never officially informed them that they have to be the bestmen. They knew it from the newspapers. Alice (Ai Li Si) also grumbled, ‘Bridesmaid Jessie could not make it all of a sudden as she had filming going on. Last night, I hurriedly rushed to try the gown on. I also only knew it the night before. This couple is too unreliable.’

BTW, T-ana Ding was the other bridesmaid.


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