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  • Weekly Top Actress (Thai)

  • Ann Thongprasom

    Soot Saneha
    33 years old
    163cm, 45kg
  • Weekly Top Actor (Thai)

  • Ken Theeradej

    Soot Saneha
    31 years old
    180cm, 75kg
  • Andrew Gregson

    Mongkut Saeng Jan
    31 years old
  • Weekly Top Actress (Taiwanese)

  • Ady An

    Autumn's Concerto
    29 years old
    165cm, 43kg
  • Weekly Top Actor (Taiwanese)

  • Vanness Wu

    Autumn's Concerto
    31 years old
    180cm, 72kg



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Lyn’s Lakorn Blog –
Thai entertainment & lakorn updates based on author(Lyn)’s preferences. List of english-subbed lakorns with direct links available.

Lists and embedded videos of dramas and movies with english subtitles. Inclusive of Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese dramas. Large collection!

sarNworld (Forum) –
Updates & discussions on lakorns old and new.

Daily taiwanese variety shows videos. Compiled lists of taiwanese dramas & english-subbed taiwanese dramas with direct links and embedded videos. Download available.

Subtitling channel. Lots of dramas available. Everyone can help create subtitles!

wishboniko (Youtube) –
Youtube user who eng-subbed several wonderful lakorns. Amazingly fast and good subber.





Bump Off Lover
Chinese Title: 爱杀17
Cast: Angela CHANG, LU Ting Wei, SHEN Shi Hua, Julian YANG, ZHANG Shan Jie
Audio: Mandarin
Subtitles: English
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, School, Thriller
Episodes: 14
17 is when innocence is lost. Brutally…
XU Yi Jing (Angela C.), a sweet girl, was 17 when she was brutally murdered. When prime suspect, ZOU Ke Jie (Shan Jie), Jing’s admirer, committed suicide, her twin sister, XU Yi Zhen (Angela C.) decided to seek the truth with ZOU Ke Jie’s brother, ZOU Ke Qiang (Ting Wei). However, the truth is more complicated than she expected. Secrets revealed with darkness. Will she be able to accept what she is going to discover?

Calling Love
Chinese Title: 麻雀爱上凤凰
Cast: LEE Wei, LI Xiao Lu, Jennifer HONG, JIN Jia
Audio: Mandarin
Subtitles: English (Incomplete)
Genre: Romance, Fairytale
Episodes: 12 (CTS version)
DING Xiao Tong (Xiao Lu) is a righteous village girl. Unwilling to be forced into marriage with LU Jin (JIN Jia) whom she grew up with, without first having an experience of a impactful love, she decided to escape to Shanghai.
In Shanghai, she picked up a phone and was informed by the other party on the line, Steven GAO Feng (LEE Wei), that his friend, famous celebrity LI Hui (Jennifer HONG), was kidnapped. With her righteousness, she helped saved Hui. Steven, a successful young man who thought that everything can be bought with money, was amused when Xiao Tong rejected his reward. They became friends over the phone, Tiffany and Steven, without knowing who the other party is.

Jai Rao 
English Title: Cracked Heart
Cast: AFF Taksaorn Paksukcharern, KEN Theeradeth Wongpuapon, NOTT Vorarit, VICKY Sunisa Jett, Natalie DAVIS
Audio: Thai
Subtitles: English
Genre: Romance, Tragedy, Melodrama
Episodes: 15
Chorlada/Aoey (Aff T.) and Koravic (Ken T.) are childhood friends and lovers. On the day Vic was about to propose to Aoey, Aoey left for America without a word, leaving a heartbroken Vic.
8 years later, Vic is now a superstar. On the day he received the best actor award, Aoey came back to congratulate him as promised. Aoey refused to reveal anything no matter how Vic pressed her for her reason for leaving him. Vic misunderstood that Aoey left him for her current fiance, Doctor Lak (Nott V.). To make her pay for his pain, Vic made Aoey stays as his personal manager.
A touching story revolving around P’Vic, Nong’Aoey, Dr Lak and Melanie/Menie (Vicky S.) – Vic’s lakorns nang’ek who’s in love with him – and plenty of misunderstandings as two soul lovers strive for their love. Amid a deadly illness…

Jam Loey Rak
English Title: Defendant Of Love
Cast: AFF Taksaorn Paksukchareon, AUM Atichart Chumnanont, CHAI Chattayodom, JOY Rinlanee
Audio: Thai
Subtitles: English
Genre: Romance, Slap-and-kiss, Revenge, Melodrama
Episodes: 14
Harit (Aum A.) and Harin have relied on one another ever since their parents died. When Harin shot himself for a lady named Sansanee SUPAAT (Joy R.) one day, Harit vows to kidnap Sansanee – a famous, wealthy and materialistic model who ditched Harin for his poverty – and torture her to seek revenge for his only brother. However, Harit made a mistake, kidnapping Soraya (Aff T.), Sansanee’s cousin, instead of Sansanee. Refusing to listen to Soraya’s pleas that she’s not Sansanee, Harit took her to his private island and tortured her. When Soraya knew about Harin’s death, she took Harit’s act of revenge for her cousin out of gratitude for Sansanee’s saving her when they were young. Unknowingly, the two fell for one another…

Cast: TIK Jesadaporn Pholdee, Taya ROGERS, PAUL Pattarapon Silapajarn, Jamie BUHER, NADIA Nimitwanich
Audio: Thai
Subtitles: English
Genre: Romance, Period
Episodes: 16
1938, Phra Nakhon. Prissana (Taya R.) is the youngest daughter of the Sutakumasi family. She returns to Phra Nakhon at the age of 19 to reunite with her family after being raised by her uncle in America for 12 years. Prissana immediately captured the attention of all men in Phra Nakhon with her unique beauty and bold and Americanised actions. However, she is interested in being more than friends with none of them as she believes that marriage should involve love.
Instead, she develops a sense of dislike for Taan Chai (Prince)Puthpreecha (Tik J.) as everyone is full of praise for him. At the same time, Taan Chai Puth kept hearing everyone around him talking about Prissana. When the two of them met, sparks flew.
However, barriers lay in their path such as Praweet (Paul P.) – Taan Chai’s foster brother – whom has a major crush on Prissana, Ratri whom is keen on marrying Taan Chai, and their own pride…

Sonria Pasta
Chinese Title: 微笑Pasta
Alternative Title: Smiling Pasta
Cast: Nicholas TEO, Cyndi WANG, Gino TSAI (K-One), Joyce ZHAO
Audio: Mandarin
Subtitles: English
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 17
CHENG Xiao Shi (Cyndi W.) faces a 3-month curse. She had been through 17 relationships, not one lasting more than 3 months. Today is her 3rd month anniversary with her current boyfriend, Peter. She dressed up formally for the event, only to be ditched. For her, the world seems unfair. Just at that moment, HE Qun (Nicholas T.), a famous idol pop singer who has just fallen out of love ran pass her, bumped into her and kissed her accidentally. Paparazzi swarmed and to avoid a bad reputation, Qun’s manager declared the Xiao Shi as Qun’s fiancee…

Women Of The Sun
Alternative Title: Sisters In Love / Women In The Sun
Cast: HAN Jae Suk, JUNG Gyu Woon, KIM Ji Soo, LEE Ha Na
Audio: Korean
Subtitles: English
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 20
SHIN Do Young was abandoned at a young age but luckily adopted by a nice couple who were unable to have their own children. After she was adopted, Do Young’s foster parents were surprised to get their own daughter Ji Young. Out of jealousy and fear, Do Young abandoned her 5-year-old sister at a train station while their parents were away. Many years later, Do Young became a famous celebrity while Ji Young whom was brought up in an orphanage with the name YOON Sa Wol, became a personal shopper. The two meet and immediately took a liking to one another. However, as they seek for Sa Wol’s biological parents, Do Young’s evil deed and darkest secrets were slowly unraveled.

Other recommendations dramas:
Fated To Love You, Mysterious Incredible Terminator, Romantic Princess


♥ All recommdations are based on personal preferences.

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